September 25, 2013

RE-LAUNCH: Are We There Yet?

by C. VanWingen

If you're reading this (obviously, you are; hopefully, someone is; hello?), you have either just stumbled across this long belated awesomeness (in which case, welcome) or have been wondering where the heck we've been for the last two years (!).

I'd like to tell you that we've been conquering the world, one ridiculously stupendous building at a time. Mostly, though we've been doing what most other archi-kids have to do out of school; biding our time. Since last posting to Foggy Stupor, the GOAT team has had some shake ups, has explored some alternate career paths, and has added some new faces. I think we've finally shaken out the cobwebs.

In the first post I wrote to the world, I announced "We are GOATstudio and we are ready." Turns out, that was not entirely true. However, from the turmoil, we have emerged stronger, more confident, less cynical, and more ready to grow into the design leaders we have always believed ourselves destined to be (hence the only slightly presumptive "Greatest Of All Time" moniker; consider it an IOU to the design world). I'm not making any bold promises this time, though. I just ask that you stop in from time to time, keep us honest, and remind us that we still owe you a big one.

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