May 9, 2011

INTRO: GOATstudio and the Foggy Stupor blog

by C. VanWingen

The Foggy Stupor blog started as a cross-country conversation between Radha and I (the founders of GOATstudio) about all that intrigued, disturbed, excited, or confused us in the world of design.  We progressively expanded our circle of friends and topics until we discussed just about anything with just about anyone that had an opinion.

To this point, online anonymity has fostered little more than bile and bitterness from trolls and teenagers.  It has the potential, however, to encourage honest, thoughtful debate between intelligent and inspired individuals.  It might be a bit of a reach, but the vision I have for this blog is just that; a forum for discussion and deliberation on design related topics (often loosely related), free of trolls, judgment, and pretension.

We have all had a rough review or a heated argument that left us flustered and speechless, only to come up with the perfect retort hours later.  This is what the internet offers us; a pause in the debate to compose ourselves and craft a clever response.  It evens the playing field between reviewer and reviewee, professor and student, professional and amateur.

We will post the topics, threads, images, and essays.  That is only the first and least important step, however.  The rest is up to you.  Save the 140 character slams for Twitter.  Craft your responses carefully and thoughtfully.  With a little luck, this can develop into something that will help us all stay connected to one another and engaged with the design realm we have all worked so hard to get noticed by.

We will also be posting insights into our newly founded office, and the trials and tribulations we are facing as young entrepreneurs and designers.   If you have topics that you would like to see brought up, you can tweet us (@noherd), Facebook us (GOATstudio), or e-mail us (, and we will be sure that you are heard.  Between us, we can begin to mold the design professions according to our own visions, instead of those of our predecessors. 

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